If you have found our website interesting here are a few more links to  websites you may like to visit:

Glen Wills Retreat – Accommodation catering for small and large groups.

Heritage Rat – Andrew Swift is a historian with an avid interest in the mining history of the High Country. See his website for entertaining DVDs and books.

Omeo Historical Society – lots of interesting historical information about the region. Make sure you check out the pages relating to the Tierney Creek Crossley Gas Engine.

Beechworth Old Cranks – This club holds a wonderful annual event in Beechworth  titled “Drive Back in Time”. Also check out the work they are doing on restoring a rare Crossley engine to working condition.

Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club

Ray Hooley’s Ruston Hornsby Engine Pages

Anson Engine Museum (UK)

The Old Machinery Magazine

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Preserving our mining and engineering heritage