About This Website

This site has been created to provide information about the restoration to running condition of the historic Ruston 12HC engine which resides near the Maude and Yellow Girl Mine site at Glen Wills in the high country of Victoria.

This engine was originally installed at this site by the Maude and Yellow Girl Mining Company to run a 1000 CFM compressor to supply pressurised air to the Maude and Yellow Girl mine for rock drills and other mining equipment.

The ravages of time and bushfires had seen the engine almost reach the stage of no return, however the efforts of a small but dedicated group of mechanically minded enthusiasts have seen the engine slowly brought back to a state where it is running once again.

There will be ongoing work to improve the site where the engine is located and to restore other associated machinery. The restoration work is being done on a voluntary basis with individuals and sponsors donating their time, materials and money. If you would like to make a contribution to the restoration through a donation of money or materials, click on this link: Contact Us

The engine and associated heritage machinery will remain in public hands under the guardianship of Parks Victoria and it is planned that regular start up days will be run to allow anyone interested in seeing this engine back in action, to come along and share the experience.

Preserving our mining and engineering heritage