Glen Wills Mountain Retreat is run by Gordon Pirie. Gordon is a long term permanent resident of Glen Wills – which is a rare thing due to the remote location of Glen Wills in the beautiful Victorian High Country!

Gordon came to Glen Wills during the early Eighties. He decided to take on some temporary work maintaining and improving on the roads in the area under the employment of the  Country Roads Board Рwhich is now defunct. The lure of the high country was too much for Gordon so he decided to make his home at Glen Wills, first building a home for himself and then building  comfortable and cosy accommodation, enabling him to share the High Country experience with others.


Gordon offers scenic day tours which take in wonderful mountain streams such as Glen Wills Creek, Big River, Mitta Mitta River and others. It is guaranteed that you will see some of the most beautiful mountain country to be found in Victoria and you will encounter some of the captivating and unique flora and fauna found there. The tours can be customised to meet individual needs.

Gordon also offers historic mining tours of the area and can show you some of the significant mining machinery which can still be found in situ where they were originally installed and put to hard work. Gordon has himself worked at the Maude and Yellow Girl mine, so he is well equipped to provide informative and interesting tours based on first hand experience.

To arrange a tour, or to stay at the Glen Wills Mountain Retreat, phone Gordon on 03 5159 7254 or email [email protected]
Website: www.glenwills.com


Preserving our mining and engineering heritage